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What the Heck are Playful Healing Journeys?

Playful Healing Journeys was birthed where I saw connections could be made of a whole other type of energy surrounding our relationship and feelings towards our Selves and, thereby our healing.

Over the years of practicing Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine and having various conversations on other podcasts, at events or even at a cafe, it became apparent that people may be pigeon-holding themselves in their ability to heal.

Beliefs about how long something might take to change or if a certain herb or supplement would “work” lended itself in something larger: people are relying on outside sources to be their only passage to healing.

It’s not to say that these things don’t help. It’s the relationship with those things that affects the people more.

The relationship being that those outside sources have the power over them and change can only happen if those things are present.

A huge thing learned from speaking with people, being in these healing spaces and even in my own experience, life can be enjoyed so much more when we create the space for activity and play.

This can happen even in the healing process!

It’s not to say that what you’re experiencing isn’t serious. It’s that if taken sooo seriously, you may be missing out on some beautiful life moments and possibilities that may change the trajectory of your Personal Healing Journey.

Take note, you’ll see the term used is “healing,” where that is intentional to let you know this is indeed a process. This is a journey, NOT a destination. When you can shift to this perspective, most feel a weight lifted.

I see this is often due to no longer feeling like there’s an “end” to get to and by a certain “date.” There’s so much to be enjoyed and to learn from simply by being as present as you can and opening yourself up to the opportunities and possibilities.

This is where I see I offer service to people in their life’s journey: facilitating connections that when presented, offer an opportunity of growth and healing, as well as holding space for you to come as you are in a non-judgmental environment. 

I see potential…in you and your options.

Let’s check our Perception, shift Perspectives and explore Possibilities learning what these symptoms and health conditions are offering us.

You’re invited to go on playful journeys of exploration of your Whole Self (Spirit, Mind and Body!) This is what the Playful Healing Journeys Podcast is all about!

About Your Host, De’Nicea Hilton

Grab a swing, cop a squat in the sandbox! De’Nicea Hilton invites you on a journey where serious healing doesn’t have to be taken so seriously. She creates Playful Healing Spaces for women and teen girls to Discover, Explore and Experience their healing journey in ways they hadn’t before – one where their Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health goes on a playful adventure.

From seeing patients as a Doctor of Oriental Medicine to speaking, De’Nicea saw there needed to be a space for those women and teen girls whose lives are “too busy” planning everything around them because they can do it all. Their health is calling their attention and showing the reflection of themselves holistically.

In the Integrated Healing Playground, De’Nicea takes her to a place where she begins to see the connections in her life that offer her insight for her to evolve. The dream of being “healthy” becomes a reality where she learns to use the tools that are ALREADY within and around her playfully navigating her Personal Healing Journey with Clarity, Compassion and Consciousness.

You can catch De’Nicea teaching, laughing and having fun along the way with women and teen girls in the Re-Creation Center membership, UnSlumber Party Retreats, speaking or on the upcoming Playful Healing Journeys Podcast.